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The Allen's sweet factory stood beside the Yarra River and grew in prominence from the early 1900's to become the third biggest confectionary manufacturer in Australia. The large neon sign that adored the top of the factory was erected in 1955. For over thirty years the iconic sign lit up the Melbourne skyline. When the factory was demolished to make way for the now present Crown casino in 1987, the neon sign was too large and fragile to be saved; and in the name of progress, Melbourne lost an iconic symbol. Our poster is a personal indulgence, and a nod to the past. As a teenager travelling to South Melbourne by tram, the sight of the colourful Allens neon sign would always amaze, and I could never turn away until I watch the sequence of the lights ending in a rainbow explosion. The sign included a soaring rocket that travels in a trajectory over the sign until it reaches the centre, where it detonates into an array of colourful spark-like raindrops to catch attention and cough lollies actually falling from the Anticol packet. The entire sequence lasted a lenthy 35 seconds. In it's entirety, the Allen's Sweets sign measured 30 metres in width and 12 metres in height and was supported by a scaffold originally intended for a Holden car advertisement. Fond memories.

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